Criminal and  Family Law 

Peter R. Flowers  has been successfully practicing criminal law for over twenty eight years in area surrounding Shreveport and Bossier  Louisiana. His practice extends to City, State and Federal Court.  The firm spans a broad spectrum of criminal law.  Cases tried and brought to successful conclusion include White Collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement and tax evasion, to  crimes of Violence such as Rape and Murder. The Firm also handles sex and drug offenses. More recently, the  Firm has been assisting  Doctors, nurses and other health  care professionals with disputes with their  regulatory authorities or Boards.  He has also tried military Court Marshals. He graduated from Loyola University Law School in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1983 and has practiced Criminal Law ever since. His partner Kelly Long is almost exclusively involved in the practice of Domestic or Family law and has been practicing in Shreveport for over ten years. Both attorneys are well known in the community and consdiered to be  adept and successful in their chosen fields of law.    

Mr. Flowers received his Juris Doctorate  from Loyola University Law School in New Orleans. He is a member of the American Bar Association/Criminal Section, Louisiana State Bar/Criminal Section, the Shreveport Bar Association, Caddo Defense Bar Association and the Fifth Circuit Bar Association. He a past board member of the  Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Caddo Parish Indigent Defender Board.


Mr. Flowers and Kelly Long  have been practicing together for over ten years.  Ms. Long practices primarily in the field of Family or Domestic Law.  The combination of these two “Personal Services” fields of law have allowed each attorney insights into areas of her or her own field of law  that hey may not otherwise have.  For example, from Mr. Flowers  perspective:

” In may instances family dynamics may play a role in peoples actions that my take them outside the accepted boundaries of society i.e. the law. A persons family history may also contribute to blurred boundaries and problems with established norms.  ” Having Ms. Long in the next office can be extremely valuable.”

. From Ms. Longs perspective:

“There are many circustances in chich problems arise within a troubled family scenario where a knowledge of criminal law is helpful. Having Mr. Flowers in the next office, in many instances can mean the difference between life and death from a clients perspective.”



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